Sep 21, 2008


I'm SOOO excited in 9 days I get to see my best friend in the entire world!

He has been down in Arizona ever since last July and is graduating on October 3rd and he moves home the 5th. So I'm flying down on the 30th to see him for a couple days and also get to go over to my sister Susie's house and spend some time with her and her boys while Clint is in school and we'll probably go over there after he gets outta school so he can finally meet my twin nephews! I'm so excited to see them!!! :)

Sep 16, 2008

1st Doctors Appointment

Today I went to the doctors and I was so excited to go!! I am 14 weeks now and couldn't wait to hopefully see my babies heartbeat. Daniel picked me up and we went to Panda cuz we were hungry. So after we went to Panda we decided to go up to the hospital cuz we had to be there by 1:50 for my appointment. So, we got there and I first met with my doctor just to get to know him a little and he is an awesome guy! So then we got to go and do an ultrasound!! We searched for my baby and found it pretty easily and first we saw a side profile of it, and saw it kick then it decided to turn towards us and we got to see its face and arms and heartbeat really well! It made me so excited! It is amazing the feelings that you get whe you see that for the first time! My next appointment is on October 15th and by that point I will be 18 weeks along! ALMOST HALF WAY!! :) :) :)

Jul 26, 2008


Today I found out that i am Pregnant!! :)
I am about 7 weeks along!!
Due Date: March 17, 2009
I'm scared but at the same time SOOOOO EXCITED!!! :)

Jun 20, 2008

Girls Camp 2008!

Well... Girls Camp started out at Heber Valley like it always does... FIRST, you empty out the cars with luggage, THEN... You go and pick your bunk! While Bree, Emi and I were doing so though we got a little carried away and just HAD to take some settling in pictures! :)

we got introduced to our camp theme for the week! Which was Daughter of a King! We got Sashes and Crowns, Here is Callie modeling hers off for us! Doesn't she just look Dashing!!

BUT, it wouldn't be a true girls camp if the 5Th Ward hadn't started playing a little game of Honey Give me a SMILE!! Here is Emi trying not to show her smile to Christine... She not only failed but failed miserably!!

Followed by a game of freezes! What we would do was make up a story and go as far with it as you could until someone else playing on the sides yelled FREEZE! Then they would choose who they replaced and start with a new story line from how they were when they ended! It was completely random but no one could have the same idea throughout the entire game, if i remember correctly Bree and Brianna were ice skating in this picture!

On that same day we went on a hike down to the lake where we got to climb into the canoes and go around the lake! If we didn't want to go onto the lake, We could also play Volleyball on the side of the lake on the courts.

Then later in the week came the SKITS! They are one of my favorite parts about camp! My group was supposed to be the Tom boy girls going to a Palace for girls camp... What a theme ehh?? :) I always have lots of fun dressing up for these requirements though!! I have almost all of my clothes out of my duffel bag plus my pillow underneath everything!! I was supposed to be the little nerd that everyone made fun of, that made the whole thing fun! We made it so our palace was haunted and made everyone laugh hysterically! Even though i didn't get pictures of the other girls skit it was equally funny and they were the girly girls ruffing it out in the wild and their camp director was Bree being Queen Elizabeth and was telling Callie to put her skirt down and not show her knickers when all of a sudden Makayla peeped in WHAT'D YOU SAY ABOUT MY MOMMA! The girls had a great time making them up as the leaders had lots of fun watching what we came up with in each skit!! :) I think my ward could make a great group of comedians!

On one of our last days there we got the opportunity to go down to the challenge coarse and we had a blast! our ward was so big that we had to split up into two groups but we had to save all of our girls from the sinking "ship" over to the 3 islands made up of HULA HOOPS! 1 large one and 2 small ones... WHAT A TIGHT FIT! We had a few girls like Bree here that got up the courage to climb up a tree post walk across it and go down the zip line conquering their fears of HEIGHTS! we had to walk in synchronization up a hill on two 2x4's with ropes attatched to it... oh man was that hard but fun! There were so many different activities going on during the week that it made it a lot of fun!

We went on plenty of hikes during the duration of our great camping experience at heber valley girls camp and even got to go up to look out point which was absolutely beautiful to look over the scenery! This was looking over the girls camp that we are at and you can see down below the small lake that we went canoeing on! Girls camp has always been my favorite part of young womens as all of the leaders know, i'm not one to show up to young womens activities or church very often but when i hear that girls camp is coming up I'M ALWAYS THERE!

Thank you to all of the young womens leaders and especially...

.... Lisa & Tina for making my last year of girls camp A BLAST!! I love you all!

Jun 14, 2008

My Boys!

This week i got the fun opportunity as always to go to the Nielsen's house and nanny for about a week! I love my boys! They are so cute! We always have so much fun and I am going to be sad to not be able to see them when I move to AZ. But anyway, This week we had lots of fun:

Jumping on the trampwatching Carson do "back flips"

&Colton do aerials!and like every summer jumping on the tramp with water is always a blast for them!
on the last day which was friday i took them swimming at daniel's apartments. They love to be in the pool/hot tub, have fun and swim around!I love my cute "little brothers"
Let me introduce you!

<------This is Cory

This is Colton--->


<---This would be Carson! :)

Jun 4, 2008

The Great Bonfire!

Graduation night was a BLAST!

My friends finally joined back up at about 8 because we were all doing family stuff and we decided to hang out at Daniel's house until we went to our graduation party!
Its My GIRLS!! :) Laura, Me, Katy, Lindsay & Nessa

My Boys! Daniel, Connor, Skyler, AJ & Tyler

At the graduation party that my school threw there was: Inflated obstacle courses, chicken like things that you would push the other person off of their spot they were standing, and there was a thing where you could see how fast your pitch was. There was also basketball, swimming (which we all forgot our swimsuits :( ) and there was a live DJ. My favorite part of all would have been the mechanical bull! it was so much fun. Here is a video!

Fun HUH?? i sure thought so! :) :) :)

Well we got really bored of being there so we decided to drive out to 5 mile and see if there was a bonfire for our school going... we found one for Brighton but not one for Jordan. :( so we decided to make one of our own! :)So we started to GATHER WOOD! This would be our gigantic bonfire! (just between you and me it should have been bigger!!!) lol but from left to right is Katy, Laura, Travis, Dustin, Marz, Daniel, Connor, Lindsay, AJ, Nessa, Derek and JohnO (I of course am taking the picture). We had a lot of fun that night and didn't leave there until about 5 am. :)Here is the "sun rise" it was extremely cloudy!!

We got back at about 6 a.m. it was a fun night! :)

i'm glad i had a good night to remember for the rest of my life! :)

Jun 3, 2008


Well... Today was graduation day and the stress is finally over! :) HOORAY!!! The day has been pretty smooth even though i was pretty nerve racked this morning. I had to hurry and get ready and look cute because well... there would be lots of pictures taken and i didn't want to look like a total wreck. I had to be at my school at 8:30 so we could line up in our lines and walk over to the Sandy Expo Center where my graduation was held. The graduation was nice, short, simple and luckily got out of there in under 2 hours! :) We had a very amazing speech given by our class president Anna and she did a great job! (it was the only speech that almost made me and all of my friends cry) Followed by our valedictorian Justin, next was a girl that was spoke about how our life is like a sandwich and only we know how we are going to fill them with our dreams... uh? OK? then we had a funny speech by one of our SBO's Ali, who of course like always made everyone laugh. Then of course we got to the boring speeches which were filled with my Principle Dr. Dowdle, and two others by the Board of Education. We then preceeded to go up and take the walk pick up our books that hold our diploma's. YAY!! GO CLASS OF '08!! :)

My Parents and I :) don't they look so proud of me :) There baby is all grown up now!

From Left to right: Katy~roos, Me, Lindsay & Nessa
NessaLindsayMy baby girl Bree :)Daniel John O.

Bree, Daniel & IDaniel is gettin the lovin from bree & I. He of course is lovin it!